Google Docs Sync for Linux

Google-Docs-Sync is a small python project I started back in January of this year. Since then, I think it has grown into a somewhat useful (although incomplete) tool. It's Ubuntu only for now, but I occasionally bug a Mac user friend and a Windows user friend to help with the porting. I haven't had any luck yet.

This blog post will serve as a sort of quick start guide. While this information will probably stay relevant, the most up to date info will be found in the project's README file on github.

You can download everything you need here: Google-Docs-Sync.

  1. Download the file using the link above and extract it where ever you would like. I use /home/gregg/workspace/.
  2. Open a terminal and change to the Google-Docs-Sync directory. For me the command is `cd /home/gregg/workspace/Google-Docs-Sync`.
  3. To start syncing, just type `./` without the backticks (`). It will download all files from the Google Docs server. Any time you make changes, those changes will be sync'd back to the server.

This will get you started. use the --help flag to get a view of all available options. Some include things like downloading files by title and running the sync in daemon mode (so the process isn't attached to the terminal it was started by).

There are probably a handful of solutions out there that do something similar. In fact I *know* that this is not the first time someone has written a doc sync program like this. But the last one I remember seeing fell out of support a long time ago. With any luck, this project will continue to evolve and improve based on feedback and contributions from users.

Currently, it does not detect changes made remotely. To pick up those changes you need to stop and restart the program.

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